weSpeak Podcast Series

weSpeak Podcast Series
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weSpeak is a 5-year program of research and related activities focusing on the African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) heterosexual men in Ontario to address their health needs, interest and vulnerability to HIV.

The 5year project, which began in 2016-to 2021, was conducted by a team of researchers, community stakeholders and ACB Men in Ontario.

For the first episode of the podcast, Dr Winston Husbands, a driving force behind several community and policy initiatives to address HIV related health disparities experienced by Black communities in Ontario and a Co-Principal Investigator for the weSpeak program, will share the concept of the study and the essence of the focus on Black heterosexual men.  

Also speaking on the episode is Co-Investigator Wesley Oakes, Senior lead, strategic partnerships, and health equity initiatives at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network.