Muna Taro- We are coming together #kingston2022

Kingston, Ontario, Canada, played host to the Academia, government and non-governmental organizations in Nigeria and Canada as they met to deliberate on the education of young girls, millions of out-of-school children in Nigeria and Africa and women's advancement through education on the continent. Muna Taro, meaning we are coming together in the Hausa language of Northern Nigeria, is the driving force advocating change.

One Million teachers, in partnership with Five Cowries Art Education Initiative and Girl Rising, showcased an exhibition focusing on the girl child and women in Nigeria and Africa in collaboration with the Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa and the Nigeria-Canada Trade and Investment Group.

The innovative education showcase of photographs sponsored by the Tett Centre for Creativity and learning, and hosted by the Kingston Economic Development Corporation, Queens University and St Lawrence College, came with an informative message. It illustrates the potency of art education, the contributions of skilled teachers, and the need for partnerships and connections to the community to educate young people. It is about reducing the barriers to a brighter future on the African continent.

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The arts designed by the young learners and their trainers told stories reflecting various themes. Take, for instance, access to water and sanitation and protection of the environment, which supports the Sustainable Development Goal 6 as told in the story of water through paintings on hundreds of Jerry cans. The children and their facilitators used various means that challenged conventional systems to tell captivating stories.