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At iAfricaVoices, we seek to bring the best of Africa and the Diaspora to you in pictures and documentaries. Africa is one of the fascinating continents with amazing stories begging for attention.  It is a world full of hope but often painted as a dark, hopeless continent, ravaged by wars and famine.

Numerous broadcast documentaries on Africa pay attention to narratives by Aid and development agencies, with a focus on persistent poverty-stricken families and appalling images. As stipulated by some of these agencies, the intention is to raise funds to cater to the needy and broken-hearted, which in turn presents a picture of a continent dependent on western hand-outs.

 What about the rich cultural heritage of the continent? The business opportunities, sophisticated climate, flora, and fauna? The diversity, social systems, and the receptive spirit in a land of great tourist attraction?  Yes! Africa has leadership challenges; however, there is more to Africa, a continent that is more than a flash in the pan.

iAfrica INC is a Canadian non-governmental organization established to tell the African story from a constructive perspective. The media department is taking on the challenge of producing documentaries and magazines about the unique cultural heritage of the continent, ranging from folklore, tourist attraction, fashion, people and events in the Afro-Caribbean community in Diaspora and the African Continent.  iAfricavoices would also explore the viable commercial rapport between the African Diplomatic Corps in North America,  Europe and the business community.

 Let us have the pleasure of presenting to you the cultural heritage of Africa through the lenses of our cameras and pens of creative reporters, who worked with various Print media, Radio and Television Stations in Africa. They will give life to your peculiar stories to influence behaviours and change communities across the globe positively.

Welcome on board.

Joy Achele Osiagwu

President, CEO iAfrica INC.

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