UN Adopts Racial Violence Resolution in Geneva

United Nations top human rights official, Michelle Bachelet is to lead efforts to address systemic racism on people of African descent by law enforcement agencies. The decision is the outcome of the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, chaired by the Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations and President of the Council, Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger. The Permanent Representative of Germany to the UN, Geneva, Michael Ungern-Sternberg, re-echoed the urgency of the collective fight against all forms of racism and racial discrimination.

At the adoption of the resolution, the Permanent Representative of Burkina Faso to the UN in Geneva, Dieudonne Desire Sougouri delivered a message in French on behalf of the African Group: " The urgent debate which has just ended was a historic milestone...The international outcry over the tragic events that led to the death of George Floyd underscored the urgency and importance for the Human Rights Council to speak out against the injustice and brutality faced by people of African descent daily in many parts of the world."He said.

Meanwhile, the Senegalese envoy to the United Nations in Geneva, also spoke in French about the importance of African people: "Black lives matter. Racism thus continues to be expressed and assumed in many countries. The act is in flagrant contradiction with commitments recommended in the charter of the United Nations and by which we reaffirm our faith in fundamental human rights in the dignity and worth of the human life."